Getting to Yes

its important to come to an arrangement
lets make it happen
Mediation is the process where two parties use a skilled unbiased mediator to help them come to an agreement. 
Meditation is when two parties feel unable to arrange an agreement by them selves.
This can be a precursor to legal proceedings. Its cheaper and faster to use a mediator than it is to take each other to court.
A mediator is unbiased and sets up a process ,for both parties to say their have a say and encourages a goodwill process to find an understanding that suits both parties
The meditation process is based around both parties telling their story, it encourages good will  and win win solution’s. 
You are here to get results before taking stronger action. Lets see if we can sort this out for you both .


Life may feel like its missing a few roses right now.
Lets make this work so you can move on


New Clients Consult

I will chat and talk about what is expected of you both and about my style and what might suit  your situation.
If you choose to continue with me then you can choose to pay per session.

Mediation $200

Each session stands alone so that you can book as many as you need. 

Getting to Yes

Lets find a way to get your needs met

Education and Certifications

The Regenerative Practitioner Series – Certificate
Regenesis Institute for Regenerative Practice
Issued Dec 2021 · No Expiration Date

Resolution Institute Mediation Accreditation
Resolution Institute
Issued Aug 2021 – No Expiration Date

Zenergy Master Class
Zenergy Global: Facilitating Collective Intelligence
Issued May 2021 – No Expiration Date

The Art of Facilitation

Zenergy Global

Agile PM Project Management Practioner Examination
APMG InternationalAPMG International
Issued Jan 2018 · No Expiration 
Credential ID 2000750757


Presentation Delivery and Facilitation Skills – EMA
Issued Jul 2003 · No Expiration Date


Art and Craft Diploma – Year Two Level, Ceramics and Painting
2015 – 2016
Grade: A- Hungry creek 
Hungry Creek 1 year – Ceramics major. completed to 2 year diploma level. I really loved this course, I left to do more coaching and to transition into being a working mum.

Bachelor of Design 1996-1999 – 1 paper to complete, 3d
Grade: B- 
4 Year Design Degree – to level 700. 1996,1997,1998,1999
Design and make 3d objects
Why I didn’t I complete? Student loans were for 4 years, so I got a job to pay my bills. I intended to go back , however I got caught up earning and paying off my loan.

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