EFT – a great start to seeing your own patterns

One of the modalities I started with was EFT

its easy to access and if you do it correctly, its a great to  start with because you can do it by yourself at home.

Its a piece of the puzzle and gives you some base building blocks.

It provides the base for some more complicated work.

When we start choosing to change our lives by noticing and shifting our patterns some  have amazing “instant” results, however the majority of people find it easier to slowly peel the issue away or gently shift into better pattern

EFT is a fantastic first change tool its effective, it helps you to let go of behaviors and feelings that are hindering your life.

Its so portable you can do it anywhere. When you and your body are fluent with EFT you can do it discreetly using your hands or your mind.

Initially I was influenced by David Feinstein, PHD, Donna Eden and Patricia Carrington PhD. I also participated online in a couple of the tapping summits produced by Nick and Jessica Ortner in around 2010. As I write this in 2017

I believe these summits are still running. If this interests, you I encourage you to find out when the next one is. They are good for getting comfortable with the technique. Also if they are still in the same format then they are free when you listen online during the summit.


Are you wanting help to learn EFT

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