I am Sane and this is happening to me

I am so sane this is happening to me is a really good belief that helps to ground us when things happen to us we don’t understand.

It’s quite powerful for those who need it and I can make a really big difference if you’re sensitive.
Sometime we become really sensitive energetically emotionally or maybe even psychically for some reason. We may receive information or feel things other people don’t understand like people’s emotions and if we are sensitive then life can bit strange.
If we don’t know what’s happening and it’s very tempting to think that we’re not okay and something is wrong.

I had some strange experiences during the COVID lock down. I started worrying and feeling anxious and thinking, I wasn’t ok that there was something wrong with me.

 I realised this is the point we some people go to a doctor or a counselor or someone and asked to take pills to be fixed.

When I realized what I was doing I decided to look at my beliefs. I realized that was getting upset about the fact that I had things happening to me. This meant  that emotions were taking center stage and using all  my energy. I needed to look at what was  happening in a clear way to make an assessment. So I asked my self these questions

  • I wonder why I think this Is not ok?
  • If I believed this was ok what would I do with this experience

I realized I wasn’t a danger to society. Strange things were happening to me. I decided to use my skills in energy modalities and cultural stories and beliefs and patterns and after some reflection I made up the below belief.


I felt the difference immediately.

It clicked me out of feeling emotionally sad and into a state of I can figure this out. It was empowering.If you choose to use this, you may want to consider what your beliefs are about being sane and  insane.

What is insane?

My personal belief  Is that If I am  insane then I am a danger to society. I’m talking about in a strong way like  chopping the neighbors head off to figure out how blood flows.

Also to be VERY CLEAR I DONT believe having strong emotions means you are insane. Its what you do when you have those emotions that makes a difference.   I say this because some people believe that’s wrong, and we are not ok when we are emotional.

WHEN you have strange things happen to you

1. Choose to be conscious of whats happening to you

2. Tune into that piece of you that’s listening to yourself talk, the piece of you that feels your body that notices what’s happening

3. Make an assessment as to how that piece of you is.

4. What is happening?

5. Am I sane?

6. If this was ok what could I do about it?

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