Hardwiring for Happiness

Fear and Love are Powerful Motivations

Both work to move mountains when they are activated.

Fear motivation shows up as stress and feelings of should. I should do this… if I don’t etc 

Love motivation well that’s the place where even when things don’t go as expected we say oh well , this is important , how do I do it?

Rick Hanson talks about in his book “Hardwiring for Happiness” about how we are wired to imprint fear motivations much easier and faster than feel good ones.

The upshot is that its extremely easy to fall into a habit of stressing and using negative motivation to get results. Because it works – by works  I mean it gets us the physical the results we want in this moment. 

If we do it all the time , It just isn’t a healthy or happy or sustainable way to live.

Choosing to do something because you want to is much more exciting. Look around you, do you see people who sparkle, and people who are exhausted?

I choose sparkle, its more fun,  I try to avoid shoulding and plodding and getting exhausted with stress. These are not wrong or bad, but rather we have  choice on how to be.  

Enter mind chatter   “Oh right… well that sounds pretty airy fairy  doesn’t it!   Just decide!!,How do we do that! I have chosen to live from love, but what now? Everything feels the same?

We do have a choice, the hard part is not deciding, its taking the time to really tune into yourself and to see and hear that invisible dialogue as it plays out in your life.

Deciding is only the start. Like all other muscles it takes time and effort to be someone different.  – 

This was  Written 2017 

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